Glitchin’ n Bitchin’ #2
glitch / No Comments / August 23, 2014

These glitches makes me like Ciroc a lot more.

thesis / No Comments / January 28, 2014

The process of obtaining participants is proving to be difficult. On top of that, the debate of videogames is an ongoing conversation with everyone I have outside of school.

Let’s Go – Thesis
thesis / No Comments / December 9, 2013

The meeting with Patricio last week really placed me in a stiuation where I felt like I didn’t prepare myself…

On the Road Excerpt
Uncategorized / No Comments / December 4, 2013

My process of creating a motion graphic piece expressing an excerpt from On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

Strolling on By
process, thesis / No Comments / October 30, 2013

My first attempt at a walk cycle in After Effects.

Thesis: Networks
thesis / No Comments / October 27, 2013

We explored what it means to design through Bruno Latour ideas in this week’s class. We ended with a charrette where we created collages based on word equations.

Thesis: Field
thesis / No Comments / October 13, 2013

Another look at fields through Stan Allen’s Field Conditions. There was no visuals to produce this week through our charrette but we did take a look at Processing. The feature image is from Processing.

Games with Friends # 42
video games / No Comments / October 9, 2013

Huskerball and Storybook Weavers; one digital game and one analogue board game that entertained me on a dreary Monday evening at Bento Miso.

Thesis: Content and Form
thesis, Uncategorized / No Comments / October 6, 2013

The dichotomy between content and form is a struggle that designers have to deal with. Michael Rock wrote two essays that talk about the relationship between content and form and he at first favours content but then realizes that content isn’t everything.

Glitchin’ n Bitchin’ #1
Uncategorized / No Comments / October 4, 2013

Photoshop transforms my daily work into something unexpected and fun. The glitches happen when the window is out of frame and when I bring it back into frame, Photoshop has rearranged my work into something new. I like to do it to work that I’m usually not interested in. In this particular set, these glitches are from this year starting at March 7 to August 14.

Social Media Experiments
thesis, Uncategorized / No Comments / October 1, 2013

Exporing the collective identity of Canadian and Vietnamese through social media.

Game 1: Exploration on One and the Same
thesis / No Comments / September 29, 2013

An attempt to create a game that involves only directional movement as a mechanic for players. Meaning is created through the gameplay because it requires each player to be aware of each other in order to beat the game.

Thesis: Open
thesis / No Comments / September 27, 2013

Class 3 was all about open design. We were to read two different approaches to the meaning and definition of open design. The first being theoretical and the second being material. We concluded the class with creating a piece of an open work that relates to our thesis question.

Thesis: Fold
thesis / No Comments / September 21, 2013

This class was all about folding. We read The Fold by Gilles Deleuze which is about concepts and its relationship to things or the physical world. Most of the time was doing a charrette that involved applying the operative concept of folding to our research question.

The Fold
inspiration, thesis / No Comments / September 15, 2013

A collection of images that contain the technique of folding. This is my visual attempt to understand The Fold by Deleuze.

inspiration / No Comments / September 13, 2013

A collection of cross-section images.